Sentient Stone Counter
Dramcorp Factory, Forked Earth
$55,000 - 68,000
  • 28 Months+ experience arguing with rock gardens.
  • Invulnerability to basic addition as a concept a plus.
  • No puns. “Rock Rock Jokes” will not be tolerated.
  • Must be able to move stones physically and emotionally. 
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Dream Litigant
Dramcorp Law Offices, Beige Site
$ Dependant on REM cycle
  • 540 Days+ experience disproving dreams.
  • No dreams of teeth falling out in the last 40 months.
  • Dream crush count flexible.
  • Lullaby seronation level V12 or higher.
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Dramcorp Product Tester Taster
DART Labs, Forked Earth
$80,000 - 24,000
  • 3 Years+ field forest tasting.
  • Taste bud jiu-jitsu preferred.
  • Jawbreaker Academy exit exam grade 77-00-8 or higher.
  • Poetic linguistic skills for describing flavors a must.
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Dramcorp Force Field Operator
Dramcorp Offices, Forked Earth
$60,00 OR 100,000 Drambucks
  • 600 Hours+ mind fighting.
  • Forked Earth and Earth Portal paving certification.
  • At least 6 Months quantum collapsation free (DART MED PHYSICAL REQUIRED)
  • Equilibrium harness reimbursement 14-120 days after hire date. Must be purchased in Forked Earth.
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