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Why LAT?

We live in an era of great confusion. What are we living for? And who can we look to, to show us the way to our best lives? There is an eternal, timeless energy that can answer these questions: all we have to do is embrace it. By embarking on the Leadership Ascension Track (LAT), you will find that the neospiritually palpable answer to these questions is a simple one: you.

Meeting The Self

  • Introduce yourself to yourself via written correspondence.

  • Memorize the Dramcorp Aetherialization mantra.

  • Legally change your middle name.

  • Make a human pyramid with your high school guidance counselor and middle school crush.

  • Keep your eyes closed for 24 hours.

  • Write in a dream journal then burn the page.

  • Divulge your deepest secret to Herman Resources.

Renouncing The Body

  • Log 70 hours in a Dramcorp sensory deprivation chamber.

  • Contribute 14% of your net worth to Dramcorp.

  • Go without the consumption of Additive S-infused products during this stage.

  • Be nice to 77 dogs.

  • Use your palms to paint a self-portrait.

  • Hibernate for 35 days in close proximity to a castle.

  • Awaken a sleeping limb with a single thought.

Understanding Nature

  • Learn to suck venom out of a snake bite.

  • Befriend a snake.

  • Find the shape of your face in the stars, and name your constellation.

  • Travel to a country foreign to you, find a naturally-occurring amphitheatre, and scream the most obvious thing about you.

  • Create beef, squash it.

  • Spend a week in the desert, living off the land.

  • Interview a rock and ghost-write its memoir.

Harmonizing With The Essence

  • Describe a smell so well that others smell it when you speak it.

  • Start a chain letter with strangers. Don’t stop sending letters until one comes back to you.

  • Buy two cakes. Decorate and dedicate one of the cakes to the other. Stack the cakes. Leave them both on a neighbor’s doorstep in a ding-dong-ditch scenario.

  • Articulate an impossible vision for humanity at a work luncheon.

  • Say goodbye to high fives. High tens only from this stage on.

  • Swim to a whirlpool and dance within its rotating waves (hint: go with the flow).

  • Whistle your inner tune, record it, play it underwater, and write a poem about what the ripples look like. Attend an open mic and bring someone to tears with your words.

Moving Beyond

  • Approach a stranger in a coffee shop, have them show you their laptop search history, find the second-most-recent country they’ve searched, and move there for 7 months.

  • Cut and color your own hair with Omega Mart scissors and dye.

  • Take on the identity of a deceased ancestor for a week.

  • Only Source-infused products and food can be used in this stage.

  • Receive a blood transfusion with 18% Source concentrate.

  • Fall in love with a shadow.

Come To Peace With The Infinite

  • Unearth the bones of a new creature.

  • Use an infinity mirror to get ready for a night on the town.

  • Spy on The Monolith and report back to Dramcorp’s Board of Directors.

  • Travel to a country foreign to you and plant a Source-dipped orchid seed.

  • Spelunk into a stone well and dig until you feel the warmth of magma.

  • Ask the neighbor to whom you gave the cakes for constructive criticism on your cake-stacking abilities.

  • Stare at a Newton’s Cradle for one month.

Manifesting The Self

  • Create a new personal and confidential mantra.

  • Have a confirmed Foci sighting.

  • One day a week, wake at dawn and meditate until sundown.

  • Climb the tallest tree you can find, and stay there as long as you can.

  • Turn one of your dream journal entries into a short film. Win an award with said film.

  • Take a childhood photo to the top of a mountain. Bury the photo and create a new peak.


Words from the Wise to the Aspiring:

“Everyday is brighter and lighter. I’m complexly overcome with abundant enlightenment. Climb the steps. Ascension is waiting for you.”
-Elder Yanis, Dramcorp Board Member
“I never knew I always knew it was always already there waiting for me.”
-Carron Barns, Black Hole Enthusiast
“Once you feel it, that’s it. You can’t unfeel it. But you can’t actually feel it either. It’s incredible.”
-Paul Walson, Star Counter
Meeting the Self
Know the self to release the self. In the first step of the track, you will learn to peel back the hardened layers around your core desires, acknowledge them, and dissolve that which no longer serves you.
Renouncing the Body
Harvest the pure, untarnished fruit of your corporeal essence. This step will allow you to come to terms with the release of the physical, in order to embrace the ascension to come.
Understanding Nature
Ignite your symbiosis with the unbridled power of the great echoes. This step will enable you to touch the ripples of the natural world. Gain understanding of how this beautiful illusion cradles the ember that is Source and its staggering magnificence.
Harmonizing with the Essence
With the harp of light, attune yourself to the humming heartstrings of the post-physical. There are invisible vibrations running through the fabric, upon which existence lies. This step will provide the tools to align with the deep primordial tone.
Moving Beyond
Prime yourself for the journey into immaterial awakening. Create the space you will soon inhabit. This crucial step of the track will provide the aetherial map for  the landscape that awaits you.
Coming to Peace with the Infinite
Under the boundless gaze of towering ancients, step beyond time. Completing this step grants you the ability to accept that the past and future are not only the same, but a constant. You will be connected to that which has come to pass and that which has not yet been.
Manifesting the Self
In transgressive light, breach the barriers of this restrictive dimension. The final step of the Leadership Ascension Track will unlock in you the light that yearns to break free. Take flight from the tangible restraints that have held you from your full potential. Invite the aetherial. Ascend.
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Dramcorp & the LAT

Dramcorp has always been on the cutting edge of technology, agriculture, travel, pharmaceuticals, energy, zeitgeist engineering, and manufacturing... but why stop there? It is time to give existence a brand-new existence of its own.

After the program’s limited release yielded soaring successes, we are beyond excited to roll out the Leadership Ascension Track to the public. These forty-nine meticulously researched and designed steps replace the apparatuses of our pilot program with do-it-yourself tasks.

The Creator

Cecelia Dram is best known as the heir-apparent leader of Dramcorp, where she has driven a wide range of merchandising and production innovations into the 21st century. Now, she is applying the deep expertise she has acquired in the areas of business, science, and leadership into a brand new realm: one that is ineffably eternal.