Walter Dram Moves On - A Letter From Acting CEO Cecelia Dram

It is with mixed feelings that I am writing to announce the next career phase of our CEO and my father, Walter Dram. My father is an innovative man. It is why we all are here today, doing what we love. However, we cannot expect an innovative man to sit still for long.

As such, our esteemed leader has retired.

While we will all miss his leadership and dedication to this company, we can all feel pride in the accomplishments he’s made over the years with Dramcorp and Omega Mart. As you go about your day today, please take a moment to reflect on Walter’s legacy, and to ask yourself how you personally will safeguard that legacy, and take Dramcorp into the next era of innovative success.

Effective immediately, I will be serving as Acting CEO. 


Cecelia Dram, VP of Tomorrowment