omega mart story

Omega Mart logo in white and yellow

In 1969 Walter Dram won the failing convenience store Alpha Mart in a poker game at the Down on Yer Luck Casino in Las Vegas. Seeing an opportunity, he changed the name to Omega Mart and the rest is history.

In 1970 Walter was exploring the desert around Las Vegas when he happened upon a sect of technology-adverse farmers called the Abundantites. The produce grown by these homestead farmers was the best Walter had ever tasted. He bonded with the group over shared connections to the Great Depression and he decided to sell their wares in Omega Mart. He married an Abundantite named Hester in late 1970. She became the face of the new line of produce — Plenty Valley.

The Plenty Valley line was a massive success and Omega Mart quickly expanded nationally. Walter formed parent company, Dramcorp, in 1977 and expanded its reach into hundreds of products across the globe.

Over the decades, Walter Dram has led Omega Mart and Dramcorp to greatness. Walter’s daughter, Cecelia, began working at Dramcorp in 2000 and returned from a sabbatical in 2005 to launch the Dramcorp Advanced Research Team, culminating in the 2013 opening of the futuristic Additive S production facility near-ish to Las Vegas.

The addition of Additive S has seen sales increase across the company in all product categories.

In 2021 the largest Omega Mart opened right near the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new flagship was the brainchild of Walter’s protegee Kaz Matsumura.

Walter shocked the world when he decided to retire in early 2021, leaving the company in the capable hands of his daughter and Kaz. Even from his new vantage point outside the company, his spirit of customer satisfaction and innovation continues.

Today, Cecelia Dram and Co-CEO Kaz Matsumura are co-leading Dramcorp to new horizons with initiatives in brand development, automation, wellness, and Leadership Ascension.